Here we will be displaying our favorite ‘thank yous’ from our customers. We look forward to serving you soon! If you wish to email us regarding your positive experiences with us, please send it to:

Ive had many deep tissue massages!
Amor has a talent! I wish she was in San Diego where I live because she definitely knows wich areas to work on and not all therapist have that ability. I’m a UFC fighter and she’s one of the best deep tissue massage therapist I know! I recommend her to any sportsman! Not enough stars to rate her! Thank you Amor!!!!!
-Eddie, UFC Fighter, San Diego

Best massage in Atlanta!
Amor has all the skills and knowledge to perform a very very good sports massage. She was able to focus on specific areas that I needed work on and clearly demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the body and the appropriate massage techniques required to address them. Thanks Amor!!
-Nick, Atlanta

I’m a Stunt Coordinator/ Stuntman who’s been working in Atlanta since 2009. I heard about Amor through a Chiropractor I’d be seeing, and after the first visit I was hooked. The stunt industry can take a toll on the body, and frequent visits to Amor have helped me get back to a performance level. She’s also really good about working with my very sporadic schedule.

-John, Atlanta
Stunt Coordinator/ Stuntman

I am a runner and came to Amor after a herniated disc and with a debilitating IT band problem. After seeing Amor regularly, I returned to running and with her continued treatment have been running 4 times a week for nearly two years since the injury.
-Mike, Atlanta

Best Sports Medicine Massage in ATL!

As a professional dancer and athlete a massage therapist is vital to our careers, Amor is so adept at her craft that I wouldnt see anyone else. She knows exactly where I’m hurting without asking and goes deep in a holistic way. One of the best massages I’ve had! Highly recommended!
-Tommy, Atlanta

Thank you for the wonderful relaxing and healing massage last week. You are a treasure!
-Susan, Atlanta

Had a wonderful deep tissue massage recently with Amor. Helped free my locked-up shoulder blade and gave me back range of motion in my shoulders, neck and head!
-Keith, Atlanta

That was the best massage I ever had…Thanks Amor!! I feel very good. My back pain,arthritis and foot problem have disappeared. I can’t wait to receive another. I like the whole atmosphere of your facility..I feel SO relaxed…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!
-Elba, Jackson Hole

Over the years I have had many massages, and I truly believe Amor is the best. She helped me rehab thru a herniated disc. Her intuitive touch gave me relief, comfort and helped increase my range of motion. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me, and I highly recommend her!

-Annie, Atlanta